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Hiking tour in Mt.Koya

Ancient pilgrimage trails and Okunoin Shojingu ritual in Mt.Koya

“Women Pilgrims Route” is said to be “the most beautiful trail” among the mountain paths around Koyasan. After attending a ritual in Okunoin, we are going to hike some of the “Women Pilgrims Route” that even forest experts recommend. At the end of the tour you will eat local specialties while watching the spectacular panorama of the mountains registered as World Heritage Sites.

This hiking is not aimed to climb to the top of the mountain, it is an easy nature walk. You can enjoy the mountain while feeling nature and wind that you cannot have in city life. Forest smell, sound of birds and wind, the transitions of nature every season….. Opening the senses and walking through the forest path make your mind and body be filled with exhilaration.

If you have a healthy leg, anyone can feel free to participate. It is a tour that does not require technique like climbing.

The guide is a monk who has a license to guide in Koyasan and will introduce the nature of Koyasan and the teachings of esoteric Buddhism with the viewpoint and knowledge unique to monks living in Koyasan.It will be a different explanation and route from the night tour, therefore, it is also recommended for those who participated in the night tour.

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