24/7 Support number +81 72-703-2950

To request the availability for each accommodation please follow this step:

1) Select the accommodation that you would like to stay

If you click on the menu bar you can see “Accommodation” and if you go over with your mouse, it will open a drop down menu with 5 different`s category please select which type of accommodations you would like to see. For example if you click to Ryokan, it will open all the list of Ryokan that we represent.

2) Check the availability and price

Once you have open the Ryokan page to check availability is very simple, please select the dates by using the calendar, first click check-in date and secondly the check out date, after the dates are set up select the number of adults and children. Please note that in the summery there will be a price but the price might depending of season or holidays. Please check if all the information are correct and once you are ready click to proceed button.

You can also click to “send inquiry” but it will be less information to fill out form and also without specify dates we will need to send you one more email asking about when you would like to go, so it is better to check availability by using the calendar.

3) Add your details

Please fill out all the information that are required to make the requests. Please note there is one space for “company” if you are not a company you can just leave it blank.
It is very important to write the Special requirements in beginning such a meals request or allergy.

4) Please wait our email

Once you have submitted the request you will receive an automatic email just for you to make sure all the information are correct, we will send you a separate email created by our specialist with the price, availability and the room information.
You will notice that on our automatic email always appear in the room style “western room” we are working on it for fix this problem, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Make reservation or make a change:

1) How to make a reservation

After you have submitted the request one of our Japan specialist will send you an email with includes the availability and price, and also add a link for make the reservation, once you are in the reservation form please fill out the required information. We required a valid credit card for hold the room, however we do not charge guest credit cards. You will have to pay by cash or credit card once you check-in at your accommodation or payment in advance by bank transfer or Paypal depending on the Ryokan policy, we will inform you about payment policy on our email before you make the reservation.

For more information about Payment please take a look our Payment page https://www.travelarrangejapan.com/methods-of-payment/ and also our policy page (https://www.travelarrangejapan.com/cancellation-policy/)

2) Reservation confirmed

Once you fill out the reservation form you will receive final confirmation email with also includes direction how to go to the accommodation.

3) Make a change

You can request a change before and after you have made reservation, please let us know by email if you need to make a change about dates, meals requests etc…

4) Reservation reminder

About 10 days before your stay we will send you reminders email and we might make sure about the check-in time and how you will go to your accommodation.

Please note that to make a inquiry and reservation you do not need to make account through us, the account is made for make review after your stay or make a comments on our blog.