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fushimi sake

Fushimi Sake District

Located in the south Kyoto, near the famous Fushimi Inari Taisha, there is a small village with 40 sake breweries.

The Fushimi sake is made by the underground water of the district which have the perfect balance of potassium and calcium in the water. You can taste more then 80 different type of Sake!

In the village along tree canals, you can meet beautiful wooden architecture with elegant white walls of sake warehouses. The atmosphere give you the feeling of to be in old Japan.

You can also taste Sake in one of the many shops around the city, we have found a very nice shop that originally was a Dashi (fish broth) shop, now they also have Sake tasting and Konbu (brown algae), the shop is called Okobu Kitase, if you would like to eat lunch there they required reservation in advance, please contact us and we will make reservation for you.

There is also a museum called Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum which you can visit for only 300 yen per person and is open everyday from from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. This brewery was established on 1637, It is a museum where you can get knowledge about Fushimi and its sake culture and history, you can take a look at sake producing process along with a number of old sake containers.

How to go from Kyoto to Fushimi Sake District

Take the Kintetsu line from Kyoto station to Kintetsutambabashi, from there walk to Tambabashi Keihan station and take the Keihan line Yodoyabashi to Chushojima station.
Time : 16 minutes
Ticket Information : Kyoto to Kintetsutambabashi 210 yen and Tambabashi Keihan station to Chushojima station 150 yen

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