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From England, March 2016

We loved our time here and you made our time very special. Your kindness, the fantastic food and service the onsen and the great room will stay in our memories. You truely deserve all the awards. lots of love.

From Denmark, Ashley and Kim Lindhard, April 2014

Taihen osewa ni narimashita. Totemo subarashikatta desu. Arigato gozaimashita.
Sukkari gochiso ni narimashita.

From Morgen, Beau, Nat and Riccardo (Australia) February 2014

Thank you very much for your hospitality.

Helena April 2016

It was so much more than lodging
Just coming back from my 5-week trip in Japan, I’m now sitting in front of my desk trying to recapture my recent experiences there. And again I’m saying to myself how lucky it was for me to choose Fukiko’s guesthouse as the first stop of my whole trip. Since I don’t speak Japanese, I thought before departure that my chance of having a proper dialogue with any Japanese person was to be very slim. That’s why I felt so relieved and extremely lucky when I discovered that Fukiko not only speaks fluent English ( and in fact also German and Spanish on the way) but also has traveled extensively abroad, which enabled her to be very knowledgeable and to be a great conversation partner as well. Thanks to her generosity, she let me be part of her life in that whole week. I had the opportunity to be part of her morning chanting ritual, her home cooking, her lovely gardening activity and equally lovable produces straight from her garden onto our dining table. She gave me the precious memory of trying out the beautiful and delicate kimono in its ensemble and the whole dressing process took the two of us several hours but it was utterly worthwhile for me and gave me such first-hand understanding of how women dress themselves traditionally as part of daily life. And this understanding helped me to appreciate so much more of the Geisha performance in one of the tea houses in Kanazawa later on my trip. With her help, I also took the chance to rekindle my passion in calligraphy and pottery under the guidance of some local artists. All these hands-on experiences turned out so informative and valuable through out the rest of my visit.
Apart from the cultural side, Fukiko was a perfect host in the sense that she is highly efficient and very well-organised with my itineraries and activities, picking me up everyday at the local train station punctually, driving me around, showing me little charming local restaurants and cafes that I’d never be able to find by myself, not to mention spending so much time helping me to organised the rest of my trip. All at the same time being very warm and relaxed, making me feel totally at home as if everything happened just effortlessly.
Now that I’m back at home in Beijing, I’m still continuing my visit virtually through reading the books that Fukiko kindly recommended and gave me as a gift. One is The Praise of Shadows and the other The Memoir of a Geisha. Both books that I find fascinating and give me more in-depth understandings of Japanese culture and aesthetics.
Thank you so much Fukiko and I hope we’ll be able to meet up again!

Wei April 2016

我在日本住過很多間民宿和旅館,但從來沒有?到像富貴子Fukiko小姐這麼?馨而且這麼富有關於日本文化與?史,又這麼為住客着想的主人。?自認是完美主義者,而用這句話來形容?是最恰當的了。除了?房子打掃的一塵不染(真的是一塵不染哦),?的廚藝也一流。我們入住?的家之前曾在京都用過傳統日式keiseki?宴,就算那裡收費很高,而且是當地人認為數一數二的餐館,但在Fukiko入住的兩?吃的家常便飯,竟遠遠比餐館吃到的日式料理好吃的多。 最難得的是?的專業精神。?可以為了我們想早餐時吃吃日式納豆、試試日本shiatsu 按摩,因為我們行程排得太緊,大多店面都打?了,就東奔西?、分秒必爭地找最好吃的納豆再?緊開車送我們去按摩,回到家之後已經將近半夜,?還在我們睡覺時在廚房忙碌準備隔天早餐、以確保我們能?嘗到最好吃的日式納豆的餞行早餐。?知道我們喜歡茶和果?,還可以送給了我們?自己的茶葉,茶粉,和自己果園培植,自己釀造的果?!我們到別處買茶時,?還買了三大包當地出名的綠茶棉花糖,都讓我們受寵若驚。我們買到一些易碎的古董,我們離開時?也會親自?外?我們包好……好像在這裡找到新的媽媽一樣,好讓我感動…… 喜歡浸濡在傳統日本文化裡的台灣朋友,一定要聯絡?,希望?可以騰出房間讓?小住幾天,這?對是與?不同的文化旅遊經驗!

Chris & Patty April 2016

We spent two nights with Fukiko and she was supremely hospitable and she cooked breakfast and dinner for us twice, both great memories. Her patiently answered many questions took us to walked us through one long day in Kyoto. If we were doing it again, I think we would have let her set more of the agenda (in terms of places). Also, we would have enjoyed an extra day to explore Kameoka. Fukiko is a guaranteed improvement for any visit to Japan.

Emilio Lopez December 2015

Me encanto quedandome con Fukiko. La comida que cocino era increible! Y su casa es muy bonita. Era muy linda con nosotros, y nos enseno unos lugares muy bonitos. De las dos semanas que estaba en Japon, esto era la mejor experiencia de todo el viaje.

Sue November 2015

I spent three weeks in Japan recently and staying with Fukiko was certainly one of my highlights. I loved staying in her traditional Japanese home and felt relaxed and comfortable there. The organic food she prepared was delicious. Fukiko is a very knowledgeable guide and is happy to help and advise. I can’t recommend this homestay highly enough.

Katherine and Charlie November 2015

Our stay with Fukiko was a high spot of our holiday. We were made very much at home in her lovely house. The facilities were excellent, and Fukiko’s home cooked food was delicious. We spent a lovely day with Fukiko exploring the village, local Temples and Shrines and visiting an antiques shop and a ceramicist. Fukiko was a warm, hospitable host. She is also extremely knowledgable and was able to answer our questions on many aspects of Japanese life and culture.

Susan & Eliza Orlins October 2015

How can anything we write do justice to Fukiko’s hospitality? From the moment we met her (even before, via email), she felt like an old friend. She is the most warm, welcoming person. First, she met us at the train station and took us to her charming home. We loved strolling through this quiet village of rice fields and colorful gardens with Fukiko, picking blueberries for breakfast, and visiting the local sweet shop. At Fukiko’s you know you’re on vacation, but you feel like you’re at home; yet you are aware of being in this faraway land, all in the best possible way. Fukiko arranged everything. She is a one-woman show. The food she prepared was nothing short of incredible. We loved every meal, from the homemade jam she made from fruits she grew herself and the salads from the vegetables she grew in her garden. She took us to see things we never would’ve found without her. We loved the boat ride from Kameoka to Kyoto that she suggested, and she suggested when and where we might see a geisha in Gion . . . and we did! Fukiko is a splendid tour guide, fabulous cook, and all-around wonderful host. Not only did she make the reservation for us at an amazing traditional restaurant in Kyoto, but she also made sure we had the best room in the restaurant for our meal. There was nothing she didn’t think of! Fukiko went the extra mile for us, as I’m sure she does for everyone who stays with her. We love her so much. She feels like family. We miss her already and we just left this morning.

Asta and Robert September 2015

We visited Japan for 3 weeks in August 2015 and were fortunate to spend 3 days with Fukiko – 2 days in Kameoka and 1 day in Kyoto. We were treated as special guests, who visited an old friend. Fukiko is an exceptional cook, guide, housekeeper, farmer, resource for information and gracious hostess. We had meals together and talked about culture, food, life, Kyoto, family, religion, sake….We toured the town and the village; ate beautifully prepared breakfasts and dinners (figs from the fig tree outside the kitchen); went for walks; were driven to special places in the countryside that we would never have seen without Fukiko. The home stay was certainly one of the highlights of our time in Japan. We also had a wonderful day together in Kyoto – unforgettable really. Is it possible to give 6 stars? If so, Fukiko certainly deserves 6 stars.

Jeff September 2015

I wanted to go somewhere to for a traditional and relaxed Japanese experience. I was not disappointed! Fukiko is an exceptional hostess and provide a great deal of information and help to plan my time there. She was there to meet me at the train station with no issues…. in addition to providing personal transportation to and from the train station, when I was going into Kyoto for sightseeing. I had already made my own list of things I wanted to see in Kyoto, but she offered some additional suggestions which were perfect. She took the personal time to sit down with me and map out my walking and train routes for each day of my Kyoto sightseeing. Take advantage of the Boat Ride from Kameoka to Kyoto… I knew nothing about this until Fukiko mentioned it, and am so glad that I did that. The meals she prepared were outstanding… and you sure don’t have to worry about going hungry. If you’re looking for a nice relaxing and quiet time – this is it! If you’re looking for a nightlife scene, you probably want to be looking in Kyoto proper.

Alessandro, Matteo, Giorgio, Alessandra September 2015

Like staying home but thousand kilometers away, living a traditional experience in this rural village near Kyoto! Fukiko is a special person, very kind and really hospitable. Everything was perfect! The beautiful garden creates a unique and relaxing atmosphere in continuum with the indoor spaces. Every day started with an amazing breakfast composed by homegrown fruits and vegetables, and healthy green tea powder. Fukiko helped us planning our two days tour around Kyoto’s points of interest, with the plus of a boat trip from Kameoka to Kyoto (Arashiyama near bamboo forest). An essential experience in our trip around Japan!!!

Arthur, Kyoko, Elizabeth August 2015

What an experience! Fukiko has a beautiful home in a genuine upscale rural Japanese village. It was a great complement to our tour of Japan. For 2 days, Fukiko guided us through points of major interest in Kyoto. As we moved easily through the neighborhoods of the city, she brought the character and history of each to our attention. We had first visited Kyoto more than 40 years ago; but touring the city with Fukiko made us appreciate how much more we gained from Fukiko than we did back then. Her knowledge and experience, amplified by her genuine interest in our lives, made this a priceless experience.

Mel and Daniel July 2015

When travelling abroad it is rare to find a place which replicates the warmth and comfort of home. Through her kindness and hospitality Fukiko made us feel like we were staying with an old friend. As a result of our stay I believe my wife and I have a far better understanding of the real Japan. The home is immaculate and the food was some of the best we had in Japan, with the majority of fruit and vegetable sourced from her own organic garden. Beyond the stay, Fukiko helped us plan an itinerary for nearby Kyoto and also Osaka; without her local knowledge our experience in those cities would not have been the same. However, the true highlight of our stay was Fukiko herself. She has a real passion for what she does and also for her country which is very infectious. I would have no hesitation in recommending a home stay with Fukiko, it’s 10/10!

Francois Loup June 2015

While travelling alone in Japan, I stumbled by chance upon Kyoto village home stay and Fukiko-san. I stayed a bit more than a week, visiting Kyoto and the region before continuing my trip. The Kyoto village home stay is located in a small village a bit outside of Kyoto. Being outside of the city is not an issue at all and, I believe, bring a more comprehensive view of Japanese way of life. The house was really gorgeous. There is the possibility to sleep in a western bed or on a futon. Fukiko-san has been a very considerate guest. She is a great cook and proud herself in using the best food quality, whether from the region or her garden. She cooked some traditional meal that you may not try otherwise. It was a treat! On top of that, she helped me to plan my visits and to book the rest of my trip in Japanese only websites. Staying at the Kyoto village home stay contributed greatly to making my trip unforgettable and I can only recommend you to stay there and visit Fukiko-san. I know where I will stay the next time I go to Kyoto!

Pia Leichter & Jakob Vorre May 2015

Serene, comfortable, traditional, authentic, warm, welcoming, inviting and just simply amazing. We had such a wonderful time not only at Fukiko’s lovely home, but with Fukiko. Her house is stunning – Japanese tradition with a Western touch (we really enjoyed sleeping on Tatami mats in our previous ryokan in Tokyo, but we were happy to sleep on a big, comfy mattress for a change). But guests (if rooms are available) can choose between a traditional sleeping arrangement, a separate room/guest house and ‘Western’ style room in her home (where we stayed). Fukiko’s garden is lush and beautiful. But what was more important than any amenities (and we had them all), was Fukiko’s ability to make us feel at home, a thousand miles away from home. We felt so comfortable in her house, and in her company. The food she prepared was delectable – from fresh grilled eel sushi to tempura to a filling and fresh Western breakfast – using ingredients from her organic garden. The strawberries from her garden were the best we’ve ever had. I was lucky enough to spend my birthday at Fukiko’s – and she went out of her way to celebrate it – ordering a freshly baked cake (delicious green tea layer cake!) to enjoy after an amazing evening meal. We also highly recommend going on a local tour with Fukiko – just let her know what you like and she will accommodate you. We went to an antique shop, to a kimono shop, onsen, went for a country drive, and got a shiatzu massage, and it was all that much easier and better to experience with Fukiko, someone who can help navigate culture and discover local experiences. Staying at Fukiko’s was the highlight of our 2.5 week trip to Japan. An unforgettable experience that we hope to repeat the next time we’re in Japan. Because we will return, it’s just a matter of when 😉

Werner und Marianne May 2015

Wir sind im April 2015 drei Wochen durch Japan gereist und haben 4 Tage bei Fukiko gewohnt. Wir hatten das Gluck auch ihre Tochter Yuki kennen zu lernen, die in Munchen lebt und zu dieser Zeit zu Besuch war. Nachdem wir auch aus Munchen, und sogar aus dem gleichen Stadtteil sind, war es ein wunderbares Zusammentreffen. Fukiko und Yuki sind zwei besonders liebenswerte Menschen. Sie sprechen beide perfekt Deutsch und haben alles getan um unseren Aufenthalt perfekt zu gestalten. Fukiko hat ein geraumiges Haus und einen wunderschonen Garten in dem sie das Gemuse, das sie ihren Gasten zubereitet, biologisch anbaut. Sie ist eine wunderbare Kochin, das Fruhstuck ist reichhaltig und gesund mit Obst, Joghurt und Eiern die auf Wunsch zubereitet werden. Abends servierte Fukiko regionale Kuche bester Qualitat. Wir konnen den Aufenthalt bei Fukiko sehr empfehlen, auch in Bezug auf das Preis/Leistungs-Verhaltnis. Fur Menschen, die eine angenehme Atmosphare lieben, ist dies der ideale Ort um Japan von einer sehr personlichen Seite kennen zu lernen. Wir danken Fukiko fur ihre wunderbare Gastfreundschaft und freuen uns sehr ihre Tochter Yuki bald in Munchen wiederzusehen.

Herman Zindler May 2015

My wife and I just got back home to the United States from our vacation in Japan. Of the three weeks we spent exploring this lovely country, our time with Fukiko and her daughter, Yuki, in Kameoka was not only the most fun, but also the most memorable of the experiences we had. Kameoka, which is only a short train ride away from Kyoto, is a lovely village filled with hidden gems that, in my opinion, are not only more beautiful than what Kyoto offers but is also not crowded with other tourists. Fukiko’s expertise and guidance allowed us to tailor our experience to suit what we wanted ? whether that was soaking in a hot spring, antiquing for beautiful pieces at unbelievably low prices, viewing cherry blossoms, or just about anything else we were interested in. Fukiko and Yuki always did everything to make our stay a rewarding experience. The accommodations themselves were very comfortable ? we stayed in a separate end of the main house with a western-style bed and private bathroom. The food Fukiko made (from scratch!) was delicious, filling, and we will miss it for a long time to come. The dinners she prepares were authentic Japanese cuisine with quality that you would have trouble finding in any but the most expensive restaurants. It can be overwhelming to be in a foreign place ? there is so much to see and do ? and while travel guides are helpful, hundreds of people are walking around with the same books looking for the same places. It is easy to miss out on seeing the real Japan when you stick to the path that the guide books all recommend. Fukiko helps you avoid all of that so you can spend your time enjoying your vacation instead of struggling with the details, all while experiencing a true Japanese lifestyle. We miss them both very much and will be sure to visit again whenever we return to Japan.

Koren April 2015

Only those of us who have had the extreme pleasure of experiencing an odyssey within the embrace of Fukiko’s world can understand when I describe it as “life-changing”. If you seek feeling what it is like to live as the Japanese do, allow yourself to surrender to Fukiko’s professional yet warm style of tourism. She will not only help you navigate through the hectic Kyoto scene, but return you to the calm and rejuvenating peace of Kameoka’s countryside by sharing with you her home, her love for the many extraordinary culturally-rich gifts of the Kansai region and most impressively, her delightfully infectious personality. Fukiko genuinely cares that you get the most out of your stay. I guarantee you will feel as if you’ve made a once-in-a-lifetime trip…I’ve made two!

Troels April 2015

Often the unimagined parts of a vacation turn out to be the best and most memorable ones; the stay in Fukiko’s wonderful Japanese house in quiet, picturesque Kameoka belongs without question to that category. The original plan was to take my parents and my sister to Kyoto, but given the huge influx of tourists to the city in late March, I couldn’t find a reasonable place for us to stay there. Luckily, I was tipped about this “Kyoto village home-stay” in Kameoka, where there might be available accommodation for us. Given it’s proximity to Kyoto, the location wouldn’t be much of a problem, I thought. I wasn’t wrong – it’s easy to get to the city a short train ride away – but I hadn’t foreseen how much of a positive experience it was to visit the Kameoka valley. Kyoto is historical, gorgeous, impressive, big… but also crowded, noisy, touristy. Kameoka is more rural, quiet, not flashy at all… but the real deal. The temples and shrines – and there are surprisingly many of them scattered around in this very old cultural landscape – are still in everyday use; the bamboo forest is not planted to please the tourists. We stayed four nights, with the two first days in Kameoka (one being guided around by Fukiko) and the two next in Kyoto. The last day, we had originally planned to go to Himeji (to see the castle), but being tired of crowds of people, we decided to stay and spend the rest of the time in the countryside instead. The thing is: Most people visiting Japan gets to see the big, crowded cities; not so many are lucky to experience the equally (or maybe even more?) interesting countryside. Staying in Kameoka was the perfect chance to get a feeling of both! (And you can even take a traditional boat down the river, through a gorge, to Kyoto. That was awesome!) What about Fukiko herself? Well, as you can read in the other reviews (and they are completely right!), she is close to being the perfect hostess: Helpful, considerate, kind, caring, and she makes delicious Japanese food (of which most is made of local or homegrown ingredients!). She says that her service is available 24hours/day – and she means it! Fukiko is, however, despite giving you the superb Japanese service, not your average, stereotypical Japanese. In addition to mastering foreign languages better than most, she is also a lot more open and sharing than most, not afraid of giving you her opinion on a subject. I think that is great, especially for a foreigner who isn’t so good at looking through all the “curtains of politeness” many Japanese tend to hide themselves behind… And she has a great sense of humor too! As my mother said when we left Kameoka: “We have only stayed here for a few days, but it feels like leaving a relative.” I agree.

Giorgia & Ben April 2015

Authenitc precious and unusual. It has been the perfect way for us to experience Japanese life. Kameoka is well connected to Kyoto, it is very easy to get to the most famous spots. BUT we could experience more that “only” famous Kyoto beauty. Fukiko and Yuki introduced to us the nice village of Kameoka, we loved the pottery lab with such beautiful Products! Then sake breuery, antiques shops, the lovely and quite walk on the river, dinner at Home..we are grateful to them for the nicest moments!

Idit Krymolowski April 2015

My friend and I have stayed 2 nights in “Kyoto village homestay” – A stay which made our visit to Kyoto memorable! the Two hosts Fukiko and Yuki were amazing, providing us the warmest time with a beautiful senery and delicious Japanese home cooking, interesting traditional stories and a taste of rural Japan. We highly recommand this piece of heaven! Idit Krymolowski-Shopen, Tal Harel.

Carol & Vale February 2015

We wouldn’t have thought that not finding a place in Kyoto could actually turn out in such a pleasant stay in the real Japan. Fukiko is a great host and a very interesting person, she loves to interact with her guests and make them feeling comfortable. She fluently speaks many languages, she’s an awesome cook, she grows her own vegetables and fruit, she gets meat and fish (and even rice!) locally. Her house gives you the feel of the real Japan with its tatami, paper and wood sliding doors and colorful garden. Kameoka is closed enough to Kyoto, a JR pass makes it really easy, and the boat ride to the city is fun as well! We absolutely recommend this quiet place and Fukiko’s company.

Catarina January 2015

what can I say?! I had a great time at Fukiko’s place. I was with 3 more friends and we were very well treated by Fukiko: kindness, availability, attention. The house is very nice and impeccably clean. Both breakfast and dinner were superb. We had 2 evenings that were priceless, not only because of the typical food that Fukiko made for us (delicious) but mainly because of all the things she share with us regarding japonese culture. At the very last day Fukiko was very kind to take us to visit a temple in kameoka which is one of my favourites. For all the above I cannot thank enough Fukiko’s hospitality and kindness.

Shelley Crosby January 2015

A wonderful experience of Japanese culture and hospitality. This is a place where you can leave behind all of the hassles associated with finding your way around while travelling. Fukiko was the ultimate host. She matched our travel wishes with authentic experiences. Her home cooking was amazing and the kids really enjoyed all the traditional activities. Thanks for a great Japanese village experience- something you could never find in the cities.

Helen January 2015

I had a rich and interesting stay with Fukiko. It was great to be picked up from the station and she was very generous with her time in so many ways. She sensed some of the things that interested me and took me to see them – I came back with a precious netsuke and a beautiful comb. Her cooking is excellent and we ate some lovely Japanese food with many of the ingredients sourced directly from her garden. I learnt a little about the local area, the shrine and temple and I have returned with some great photos. It was a special experience.

Barbara & Averil January 2015

When we couldn’t find a place to stay in Kyoto, we were disappointed. But then we found Fukiko’s home and we couldn’t have been happier! Fukiko is a wonderful host, who made us feel right at home. She is fluent in English and is very knowledgeable about the history and traditions of Japan. She is also a great cook! We feel a real friendship with her and hope to go back some day. Kameoka is an authentic and scenic village surrounded by beautiful mountains, with easy access to Kyoto. We highly recommend Fukiko’s guided tour of the surrounding mountains.

Jaana, Saaga, Heikki January 2015

Thank for Fukiko lovely days we had possibility to stay in You exiting home. You made good food and guiding us very well.

Jonathan and Lisa January 2015

Stayed for four nights over New Year as a family of three teenagers and two adults. Our host Fukiko was charming and looked after us fabulously. A great cook- super way to experience home made authentic Japanese good, very knowledgeable guide, and owner of a spacious old Classical Japanese style home. Always made to feel welcome, never intrusive. Kids slept in futons/ Titans mats, adults in western beds. Only 20 minutes bs to Kyoto by easy train- a great rural community base to use to replenish energy after a day if full on sue seeing. Another side of Japan not easily available on the usual tourist circuit. All I all, we’d love to return, and heartily recommend.

By Amy, Hong Kong

Dear Naomi,
I would like to say thank you , I have a wonderful days in Nagano.

By Christine Low, Singapore December 2016

Thanks again for a really amazing stay, we felt very lucky to be looked after by your family in your beautiful Ryokan!
We loved the origami surprise Yoda is very cool.
We have put lots of photos on Facebook and already have a friend interested in your Ryokan.

By Becky, USA January 2017

I wanted to again thank you for all of your help with my travel arrangements for Yudanaka.  The trip was really fantastic.  The Soba cooking class was really fun even though the sweet lady who taught me didn’t speak English, and I didn’t speak Japanese.  We had lots of laughs figuring everything out.  I also enjoyed the snow monkeys and my friend loved his skiing.  You were a great help with everything.  I attached a few pictures so you can see how happy we were.

By Joe Fells, California, USA March 2013

Visit Japan it was always a dream and finally on March 2013 my dream come true!
My parents and i were visiting Japan for the first time, and I thought the best way for them to experience Japan was to stay at a ryokan.
On our trip to Kyoto, we stayed at a minshuku on the north part of rural Kyoto. It was advertised as a ryokan but it was actually a minshuku. The minshuku was beautiful, and it had a very unique atmosphere.
Initially my dad complained of the price because he thought it was a bit too much for our budget. However, when she walked into the room, walked out side of the garden, and saw the how much beautiful a Japanese garden is he start to say, “Joe, this place is great. I forgive you!”.
When we first arrived we were served tea, and we relaxed and explored the minshuku. Next, they set up dinner for us in our room and brought us our meals. Dinner was great. I had a Japanese meal (very nice taste really nice). The dinner was huge, and they brought us course after course after course.
After dinner, we went for a Japanese Bath in the minshuku which was outside the building, they were very kind to take us by car, and after bathing we put on our Yukata (robe) and walked around the minshuku.
When we came back they prepared our futons, and we went to sleep.
My parents and I had a wonderful time at the minshuku, and they said it was one of the highlights of their trip to Japan.

  • Reviews at Mogamiya Ryokan in Kamasaki Onsen

By Oliviero, Tokyo, JP

I stayed with my girlfriend one night at the Mogamiya to visit with more relax the Fox Park, it was a great choice to chill and have onsen (great family bath) and enjoy a tasty dinner. the staff its very nice and the place itself its old and beautiful, i will try to go back next winter!

  • Reviews at New Miyako Hotel in Kyoto, Furusato in Hakone and Meitetsu Inn Nagoya

By Greg Thornton, Hong Kong

We had a fantastic stay in Japan and your help in finding us accommodation was excellent. We found the ryokan to be very authentic with warm and friendly people and the hotels were of a high standard. I will certainly contact with you again when we next come to Japan our experience so positive for us.

Thanks again