Japanese Sword made by Mr Sukesada Ueta

Japanese Sword

It is know worldwide that Japan is the country of samurai and everyone know that each samurai wear “katana” Japanese sword at their side.

Japanese sword started to become the actual shape about 1,000 years ago, originally the swords was straight but Japanese changed the shape to curve.

Japanese swords have three different purposes. One purpose is as a weapon, not to break, not possible to bend and cutting well. Another purpose is as art of metal working. Finally it has the purpose of symbolizing Japanese spirit.

We went to visit Mr Ueta sword factory and it was a fantastic experience, he explain to us very well even he could not speak English but his explanation by gesture was enough to get his message. His location is in Bizen (Okayama prefecture). Mr Ueta was born in March, 1947. He studied martial art in high school and in the early 20s He decided to become a swordsmith. After being an independent swordsmith, he spent more than 30 years studying about swords, especially about sand iron, the raw material of swords. Defending the teaching of his master, he in his 60s works even harder than his disciples who are in their 20s.

He is a really hard worker and he told us that basically he does not any vacation even 31th December where he work for half day.

If you have chance to visit him please contact us and we will help on make the right arrangements to going his place.

How to go from Kyoto to Okayama

Take the JR Shinkansen Line from Kyoto directly to Okayama.
Time : 64 minutes
Ticket Information : Kyoto station to Okayama station 7650 yen (It is cover by JR rail pass or JR Kansai Wide pass if you may have)

Next destination?

Osaka – 76 minutes
Hiroshima – 69 minutes
Onomichi – 59 minutes

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Ryokan Kurashiki
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