Kurashiki old town


Kurashiki is located in Setouchi area which is between two well know destination called Osaka and Hiroshima. Kurashiki town has an ancient tradition and culture and during the Edo period this town was controlled of the shogunate government and was an important location for the distribution of the rice, the rice were stored in the storehouse before send to the big cities like Osaka or Edo (Tokyo).

To make the connection going smoothly the have build a canal in the middle of the town to allow boats to navigate between the storehouses. When you approach to the old district you can feel the old Japan atmosphere, along the canal they have a very beautiful weeping willow trees that cross over the water make for a picturesque scene.

You can enjoy this town in one day trip but also if you have time we suggest you to stay overnight in one of the beautiful ryokan. If you stay overnight you can enjoy also the night atmosphere and walk along the canal while wearing a Japanese yukatas.

How to go from Okayama to Kurashiki

Take the JR Sanyo Line from Okayama directly to Kurashiki.
Time : 15 minutes
Ticket Information : Okayama station to Kurashiki station 320 yen (It is cover by JR rail pass or JR Kansai Wide pass if you may have)

Next destination?

Kyoto – 2 hours and 6 minutes
Osaka – 76 minutes
Hiroshima – 69 minutes
Onomichi – 59 minutes

Our friendly ryokan in Kurshiki

Ryokan Kurashiki