Komoro (Nagano Prefecture)

Komoro (Nagano Prefecture)

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Welcome to Komoro

Komoro city is located in Nagano prefecture and the main attraction is Kaikoen Park, the former site of the city’s feudal castle.

The Castle’s garden has been certified in Japan as one of the ‘100 Beauty Spots of Sakura in Japan by the Foundation for Nihon Sakura-no-Kai.

Sports & nature

  • Hiking
  • Star watching
  • Skiing
  • Snowshoeing
Nakadanasou Ryokan

Nakadanasou Ryokan

1210 Kojo Otsu, Komoro, Komoro (Nagano Prefecture), Komoro (Nagano Prefecture)
Price from ¥ 15,000
Welcome to Nakadanasou Ryokan Location: 10 minutes taxi ride from Komoro station Category of style: More info
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