Shibu Onsen (Nagano Prefecture)

Shibu Onsen (Nagano Prefecture)

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Welcome to Shibu Onsen

Shibu Onsen is in Nagano Prefecture and is a old spa town of Shibu is a historic and attractive hot spring town with traditional atmosphere.

There is the Onsenji Temple near the entrance road to the snow monkey park. During its long history, the area has been visited for its hot spring water by a lot of people, including priests, samurai and poets.

Walking around Shibu onsen you see many locals wearing yukatas and the “clogs” walking the narrow streets going to the public bath houses.

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  • Enjoy Shibu onsen hot spring town
Hishiya Torazo

Hishiya Torazo

2212 Hirao, Shimotakaigun, Yamanouchimachi, Nagano, Shibu Onsen (Nagano Prefecture), Shibu Onsen (Nagano Prefecture)
Welcome to Hishiya Torazo. Location: in Shibu Onsen Category of style: Traditional ryokan Descripti More info
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