Tomonoura (Hiroshima Prefecture)

Tomonoura (Hiroshima Prefecture)

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Welcome to Tomonoura

Tomonoura is a very beautiful old port town that facing the Seto Inland Sea. The local streets are narrow and the the atmosphere remember the historical Japan.

Tomonoura  became famous thanks to the movie “Ponyo on the Cliff” by Studio Ghibli, and many others movie has been picked up Tomonoura as a filming location.

Culture and history info

  • Fukuzenji Temple with the most famous view at Tomonoura.
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Hotel Ofutei

OnsenHotel Ofutei

Style: Luxury stay
Tomonoura (Hiroshima Prefecture)
Price from ¥ 30,000
Welcome to Hotel Ofutei Location: is located on the Seto Inland Sea coastline in Tomonoura Category More info

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