Fukiya, Takahashi-shi (Okayama Prefecture)

Fukiya, Takahashi-shi (Okayama Prefecture)

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Welcome to Fukiya Furusato Village

Once a flourishing town thanks to copper mining, this mountain village was famous as a major producer of vivid red “Bengara” color pigment made from oxidized iron.

Fukiya Furusato Village, known for the uniform red color of its buildings, a color rarely produced even in Japan, has earned recognition as an important preservation district for groups of traditional buildings. At the Bengara Ceramics Museum, visitors can try their hand at making pottery using this red ocher color pigment (reservation required).

For a limited time, visitors can also experience the irresistible charm of Fukiya Furusato Village’s vintage red bonnet bus cruising through the town. One-of-a-kind souvenirs, such as Bengara-dyed stoles, are also available. By Okayama Prefecture Official Tourism Guide

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