Chichibu (Saitama Prefecture)

Chichibu (Saitama Prefecture)

Things to do - general

Welcome to Chichibu.

Chichibu is a city northwest of Tokyo, in Japan. It’s known for the beautiful Muse Park has striking fall foliage and Hitsujiyama Park has vibrant spring blooms. The vintage Paleo Express steam train runs through the valley to nearby Kumagaya.

Chichibu has beautiful natural landscapes due to being an area surrounded by mountains, and looks different during each season of the year.

There is moss phlox is the spring. In the summer is the Nagatoro River Cruise. Autumn leaves in Nagatoro during the fall.

And in the winter you can enjoy the icicles. There is a Night Festival which is held every December 2nd and 3rd, where Japanese culture remarkably remains, and is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Sports & nature

  • Enjoy walking around village
  • Enjoy Camping
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Culture and history info

  • Declared a UNESCO world heritage site
Miyamoto House

OnsenMiyamoto House

Style: Ryokan
Chichibu (Saitama Prefecture)
Price from ¥ 21,150
Welcome to Miyamoto House Location: 20 minutes by car from Seibu Chichibu station *Staff will pick More info

Unfortunately there are no tour offers at this location at the moment.