Shin Onsen - Yumura Onsen, Hamasaka Onsen, Shichikama Onsen

Shin Onsen - Yumura Onsen, Hamasaka Onsen, Shichikama Onsen

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Welcome to Shin Onsen.

A truly onsen village in Japan.

Shin-onsen is a town in the northern area of Hyogo Prefecture that lies adjacent to Tottori Prefecture and is surrounded by mountains, hot springs, and the ocean. About 46.3% of Shin-onsen is designated as a nature park, which includes a 1000 meter tall mountain made up of the San’in Kaigan Geopark, Hynosen-Ushiroyama-Nagisan Quasi-National Park, and the Tajima Sangaku Prefectural Park.

Shin-onsen is home to several hot springs (onsen) such as Yumura Onsen, Shichikama Onsen, and Hamasaka Onsen. The number of onsens in Shin-onsen is so great that the word “onsen” is used in the name of the town. Enjoy onsen which have the power to heal body and soul, while being surrounded by plentiful nature.

With mountains, rivers, and sea, the area is overflowing with nature. From that nature comes bounties that offer the “riches of the land and sea”.

For example, Tajima Beef, which has garnered fame nationwide as a unique, high quality brand of beef; fresh seafood and shellfish from the Sea of Japan, which includes the king of winter delicacies, Matsuba Crab; and, delicious sake crafted by generations of sake artisans.

Sports & nature

  • Hiking, Cycling around Shin Onsen village.
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Culture and history info

  • Shin-onsen is a hot spring town, where people have grown up with the hot springs.
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