Miyama (Kyoto Prefecture)

Miyama (Kyoto Prefecture)

Things to do - general

Welcome to Miyama

Positioned in the central of Kyoto prefecture, this is a small village surrounded by mountains. This village has a lot of traditional untouched scenery and there are many traditional farm houses that have historical importance and value. These farm houses were built about 150 to 200 years ago and also They all facing in the same direction on a gentle slope as if planned. Many peoples know about Minshuku in Shirakawa-go village in Gifu prefecture as it is designated a world heritage site.

There are actually a few differences between the guest house in Shirakawa-go village and Miyama village. One of them is that the shape of the roof is called “Kiritsuma” in Shirakawa-go village but it is called “Irimoya” in Miyama village. In Shirakawa-go are also very big and they are usually three stories high but in Miyama, they are often only one story. The houses in Shirakawa-go village are very big and strong, and they give a kind of masculine impression.

The houses in the village look softer and are much smaller which gives a more a feminine impression.

Sports & nature

  • Walking Miyama village.

Nightlife info

  • Enjoy traditional stay in Miyama.
Kaya villa

Kaya villa

Style: Gassho-Zukuri
Miyama (Kyoto Prefecture)
Price from ¥ 35,000
Welcome to Kaya villa. Location: the old village of Miyama Category of style: Thatched Cottage Des More info

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