Hashimoto (Wakayama Prefecture)

Hashimoto (Wakayama Prefecture)

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Welcome to Hashimoto

Hashimoto is as beatiful city on north part of Wakayama, the closest city to Osaka. This city is well know for the many authentic craft shop, and the old traditional atmosphere.
In the past was visited by many Monk that were in direct to Mt Koya by follow the Choishi Michi a Pilgrimage trail from Hashimoto to Mount Koya.

You will find here good taste sake and very good local food.

Usually is easy reach Hashimoto from the Kinki area destinations.

Sports & nature

  • Walking the Choishi Michi Pilgrimage trail
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Culture and history info

  • Enjoy local craft shop
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Koyasan and the crafts town of Hashimoto

Koyasan and the crafts town of Hashimoto

Hashimoto (Wakayama Prefecture), Wakayama Prefecture, Mt Koya (Wakayama Prefecture)
Koyasan and the crafts town of Hashimoto Highlights: Hashimoto Meet locals in Hashimoto Pilgrimage More info