Ibusuki (Kagoshima Prefecture)

Ibusuki (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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Welcome to Ibusuki

Located at the southernmost tip of Satsuma Peninsula, is one of Japan’s most celebrated hot-spring resorts. It boasts a balmy climate, lush subtropical vegetation, a pretty seashore and fashionable inns and hotels. Yunohama Beach is famous for its Natural Sand Bath facilities, in which guests are buried up to their necks in sand that utilizes natural steam. Lying on the beach covered with soothingly hot sand and listening to the roar of the sea is considered not only delightful but beneficial to both beauty and health.

Yamakawa station which is the next station from Ibusuki is a good place for take panoramic photos where you can admire beautiful sea and mountain from the station.

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  • Enjoy sand hot spring bath

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  • Enjoy hot spring

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