Nagasaki (Nagasaki Prefecture)

Nagasaki (Nagasaki Prefecture)

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Nagasaki Prefecture is located in the southwest of Japan. The prefecture is full of historical, traditional, and cultural riches. Historically, Nagasaki played an important role in Japan’s international relations. A vast amount of culture and knowledge from Asia and Europe flowed to and from Japan via Nagasaki and contributed greatly to the modernization of Japan.

The Port of Nagasaki gained particular prominence during Japan’s period of national isolation, Sakoku. During this time it was the only place in all of Japan which was open for communication with visitors from Europe and the wider world. Even today, many international cruise ships call at this port every year. This colorful history, in which traditional Japanese culture has coexisted and harmonized with overseas cultures, is evident in the region’s architecture, food, and annual events.

The prefecture has survived many tragic events, such as the persecution of the Christians and later the atomic bombing of Nagasaki City in World War 2. Nagasaki’s mission today is to send a message of peace and harmony to the world. Nagasaki Prefecture is also home to distinguished resorts where you can make the most of the rich natural scenery and subtropical beaches. Besides enjoying the full spectrum of the Japanese seasons, you can also partake in the gourmet food and exciting sports opportunities offered by this prefecture of sea and mountains.

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Shimabara Peninsula

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  • Nagasaki Peace Park

Glover Garden
Oura Catholic Church

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Fujiwara Ryokan

Fujiwara Ryokan

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Nagasaki (Nagasaki Prefecture)
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