Tokushima (Tokushima Prefecture)

Tokushima (Tokushima Prefecture)

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Tokushima is the capital city of Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku island in Japan

The city is situated in the north-eastern part of Tokushima Prefecture at the mouth of the Yoshino River. In terms of layout and organization, Tokushima displays the typical characteristics of a Japanese castle town. Tokushima was developed under the Hachisuka clan. Its prosperity was built on a strong indigo dye industry.

Every August, during the Obon Festival, Tokushima holds a cultural dance festival, the Awa Odori. Awa Odori literally translates as “Awa Dance” (Awa being Tokushima Prefecture’s ancient name). During the festival, residents ranging from young children to professional dance troupes perform a distinctive style of Japanese traditional dance in regional costumes, accompanied by strings, drums, and singing (usually by the dancers themselves).

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4 Days Tour of Seto Inland Sea region: Arima Onsen & Tokushima

4 Days Tour of Seto Inland Sea region: Arima Onsen & Tokushima

Tokushima (Tokushima Prefecture), Kobe (Hyogo Prefecture), Shikoku Region, Kinki Region
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