Living National Treasures of Bizen

Bizen Pottery

Just a few hours by train from Kyoto or Hiroshima you reach Okayama prefecture, Okayama is located in the heart of Western Japan and offer many kind of interesting experience and also give easy access to destination around Seto Inland Sea such a Shikuko island or Naoshima island.

Okayama local people saying that is the land of Sunshine, and I asked to my self why and the answer is actually very simple, this prefecture has the minimal rain and mild climate of the all country!

I would say that Okayama has two big spot one is Kurashiki which we wrote an article on the previews blog please check it out here and the other one is Setouchi, near by Setouchi on east side there is a beautiful town called Bizen, which is really popular worldwide for the amazing Japanese pottery.

Many professional potters designer said that Bizen has one of Japan’s most vibrant and vital ceramics, with more collectors than any other style. You can see the article of Robert Yellin on JapanTimes.

When we visited Bizen we had the pleasure to meet Jun Isezaki Sen Sei(1936-) a Living National Treasures, it was a real honor met him and his son to exchange some conversation and drunk a wonderful cup of Japanese tea.
His house was like visit a museum, many pottery are showing in the living room and also they show the work place room and the Kiln for fire the ceramic to the people going to visit him.

How to go from Kyoto to Okayama

Take the JR Shinkansen Line from Kyoto directly to Okayama.
Time : 64 minutes
Ticket Information : Kyoto station to Okayama station 7650 yen (It is cover by JR rail pass or JR Kansai Wide pass if you may have)

Next destination?

Osaka – 76 minutes
Hiroshima – 69 minutes
Onomichi – 59 minutes

Our friendly accommodation in Okayama

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