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Natural Indigo experience

During our trip to Shikoku we have found a very cool experience near JR Naruto station

Do you know what is Indigo dye?

Indigo dye is an organic compound with a distinctive blue color, come from all natural materials and is use for jeans, hat, t-shirts and many other clothes.

What the shop name and history?

The shop name is STUDIO N2 and is own by Miss Chitose and Mr Hiro, they use to live in Empoli (Italy) for 13 years after come back to Japan and open STUDIO N2.

What the is the concept?

Miss Chitose and Mr Hiro during their permanent in Italy they have learn how to treat texture and colors, so after come back to Japan they wanted to bring their big passion for the Indigo dye culture at Naruto city hometown of Miss Chitose.

What are their products?

They do have original T-shirts, accessories, fashion goods and interior accessories made from them and you can buy at the shop or also on their online shop as well.

What is the workshop experience?

The experience is about 1 and half hour and they will show you how to make a different desing of a material they you decide, it can be an accessory, t-shirt or custom made material as well.

For more details:
* Workshop can be from 2 people up to 8 people
* Special date: Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Sunday reservation required (Please feel free con to contact us)
* Time required: about one and a half hours
* Price Handkerchief dyeing 1500/1800 yen
Stall 4000 yen
Eco bag 3500 yen

Please feel free to contact us for enquire this experience.