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Hoon-in Mt.Koya Koyasan
📢 GO TO Travel Campaign! Take the opportunity to experience a Japanese traditional Buddhist Temple on Mt Koya! 📢 The offer is valid until 31th of January 2021! Here is our list of our accommodation for Mt Koya: https://www.travelarrangejapan.com/location/kinki/wakayama-prefecture/mt-koya SHOJOSHIN-IN : 13,200 yen per person include tax with dinner and breakfast ⇒ PRICE OF GO […]
Hiking tour in Mt.Koya
“Women Pilgrims Route” is said to be “the most beautiful trail” among the mountain paths around Koyasan. After attending a ritual in Okunoin, we are going to hike some of the “Women Pilgrims Route” that even forest experts recommend. At the end of the tour you will eat local specialties while watching the spectacular panorama […]
Mt.Koya Shojoshin-in Wakayama
No doubt! Sleep over night in a Japanese Temple is a kind of must for the people who would like to experience a Buddhist Monk life. Mt Koya (or Koyasan) is home to an active monastic center founded twelve centuries ago by the priest Kukai for the study and practice of Esoteric Buddhism. It is […]