Cruise Experience in Tomonoura


Along Setouchi Area from Hyogo to Yamaguchi prefecture there are many Sea station where you can experience a cruising. He have pick up one for you called Tomonoura, this beautiful port town located in the southern end of Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Cruising around Tomonoura is really beautiful and relaxing, going through the small islands […]


Living National Treasures of Bizen

Bizen Pottery

Just a few hours by train from Kyoto or Hiroshima you reach Okayama prefecture, Okayama is located in the heart of Western Japan and offer many kind of interesting experience and also give easy access to destination around Seto Inland Sea such a Shikuko island or Naoshima island. Okayama local people saying that is the […]


Kurashiki old town


Kurashiki is located in Setouchi area which is between two well know destination called Osaka and Hiroshima. Kurashiki town has an ancient tradition and culture and during the Edo period this town was controlled of the shogunate government and was an important location for the distribution of the rice, the rice were stored in the […]