Tour Route:

Tokyo – Yamadera (Yamagata) – Zao Hot Springs (Yamagata) – Mogami River cruise (Yamagata) – Mt. Haguro (Yamagata) – Akita City(Akita) – Furofushi Hot Springs (Apmori) – Shirakamisanchi (Aomori) – Hirosaki City (Aomori) – Lake Towada Hot Springs (Aomori) – Oirase Stream (Aomori) – Tokyo


Yamadera: a scenic temple built in 860, standing on the steep mountainside, located in the mountains northeast of Yamagata City.

Zao Hot Springs: one of the most famous and traditional skiing and snowboarding resorts in Japan as well as a popular all year traditional hot spring resort village.

Mogami River Cruise: you can enjoy the beautiful river valley, and the boatman entertains you with traditional river songs and stories.

Sakata City: enjoy exploring the city. There are excellent museums, gardens and traditional houses around the city.

Mt. Haguro: a religious site since the 6th century. It’s one of the three sacred mountains collectively called Dewa Sanzan.

Akita City: visit the Akita City Folklore and Performing Arts Center to experience the feeling of the Kanto Festival and Performing Arts Heritage.

Furofushi Hot Springs: take the Resort Shirakami Train, and enjoy the beautiful nature and sea view.There is a famous outdoor seaside bath.

Juniko of Shirakami Sanchi: a series of small lakes and ponds connected by hiking trails (World Heritage Site).

Hirosaki City: Hirosaki Castle, Fujita Garden (a Beautiful Japanese landscape garden), and don’t forget to try a famous Aomori Apple, or the delicious pie.

Aomori City: Nebuta Wa Rasse Museum: you can experience the feelings and imagine the spirit of the Nebuta Festival.

Lake Towada Hot Springs: enjoy the hotel resort surrounded by beautiful nature.

Hiking Oirase Stream: Japan offers beautiful scenery, but this is some of the finest.

Day 1: Tokyo – Yamadera – Zao Onsen

Leave Tokyo early in the morning for Yamagata.
Visit: Yamadera: enjoy the great view down the valley.
Zao Hot Springs: stay at a traditional Japanese inn.

Stay in: a Japanese – style Inn (Ryokan) in Zao Onsen
Meals: Dinner

Day 2: Zao Onsen – Sakata

Mogami River Cruise
sightseeing in Sakata City

Stay in: a Western – style hotel in Sakata
Meals: Breakfast

Day 3: Sakata – Haguroyama

Hiking on Mt. Haguro for about 3 hours.

Stay in: Mt. Haguro (a temple lodging stay)
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 4: Haguroyama – Shirakami Sanchi

Visit Akita City. Enjoy exploring the city and lunch, then go to the Furofushi Hot Springs by the Resort Shirakami Train, which offers a beautiful view of the sea and nature.

Stay in: a Japanese – style Inn (Ryokan) in Furofushi Onsen
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 5: Shirakami Sanchi – Hirosaki

Hiking in Juniko of Shirakami Sanchi: enjoy the series of small lakes and ponds along the hiking trails.

Go to Hirosaki by the Resort Shirakami Train: again, you can enjoy the beautiful view from the train.

Stay in: Ishiba Ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) in Hirosaki, which is a registered tangible cultural property built in 1880, where you can enjoy a traditional banquet (Kaiseki) made with local ingredients.
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 6: Hirosaki City

Free time: explore the city end enjoy a relaxing day.

Stay in: Ishiba Ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn)
Meals: Breakfast

Day 7: Hirosaki – Lake Towada (Aomori)

Sightseeing in Aomori city
Lake Towada Hot Springs

Stay in: a Japanese- style Inn (Ryokan) in Lake Towada Hot Springs
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 8 : Lake Towada

Hiking along the Oirase Stream

Stay in: a Japanese – style Inn (Ryokan) in Lake Towada Hot Springs
Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 9: Lake Towada – Tokyo

Meals: breakfast


  • Orientation on the first day at your hotel
  • 5 Nights at a Japanese – style Inn (Ryokan)
  • 3 Nights at a Western – style Hotel
  • JR Pass for 14 days (ordinary class)
  • Meals: 8 breakfasts and 6 dinners
  • Sanko Bus fee
  • Mt Haguro Shonai Kotsu Bus fee
  • Juniko bus fee
  • Mogami River Cruise admission fee


  • Accommodation in Tokyo
  • International Airfare
  • Food and drinks unless specified
  • Travel insurance
  • Taxi fee
  • Guide fee


Any meal requests should be made in advance.
Extending the trip is possible.
The tour schedule and price are subject to change without notice.
Single traveler, or any number of travelers are welcome.
We are happy to organize any customized trip for you.
Let us know if you already have a JR Rail Pass.

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Lake Towada (Aomori and Akita Prefecture)

Lake Towada (Aomori and Akita Prefecture)  Welcome to Lake Towada Located on the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures and is one of the major attractions of the national park. The third-deepest lake in Japan, the crystal-clear Towada is encircled by steep cliffs and a wooded shoreline famous for its autumn colors. Oirase Valley, which extends 14 km (8 miles) Read more

Hirosaki (Aomori Prefecture)

Hirosaki (Aomori Prefecture)Welcome to Hirosaki Hirosaki is in Aomori Prefecture at the western base to Lake Towada, Hirosaki history stretching back 400 years as a castle town. It is also base of Samurai district where you can visit the Hirosaki Castle, where on the site of the old castle, is famous for the cherry trees and still Read more

Tohoku Region

Tohoku RegionThe Tohoku Region is located at North East Region and consists of six prefectures, Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Yamagata. Tohoku is well known for its countryside, mountains, lakes, hot springs, high quality rice and rough winters.Read more

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