Koyasan and the crafts town of Hashimoto


  • Hashimoto
  • Meet locals in Hashimoto
  • Pilgrimage trail from Hashimoto to Mount Koya
  • Mt Koya


The Train from Osaka Namba to Hashimoto is about 50 minutes.
Hashimoto is very impressive of manys crafts shop are in the town it is really unique, the people are very friendly as well, we can propose to you this options tour activities:

– visit to sake brewery.
(The shop looks like a small old traditional house, but when you go inside it become a huge house! Very impressive. Honestly I never visit a Sake brewery like that. The staff will welcome to you and give a short introduction about the company and after that he took us inside the brewery. The internal were amazing really fell like to be inside historical place and also they have explanation in English as well attached on the wall. After finish the visit the owner took us around the Nakaiburi town and visit his beautiful home, river side walk with a bit of history about the town)

– visit to a traditional japanese sweets laboratory.
(The shop is easy to find and close to station by walk. The owner of the shop will give the explanation how to make the Wagashi (Japanese sweets) and he show us the process while also we were doing the sweets in the same time.)

– visit dolls factory.
(The staff will give you all the instruction with many picture. It is an original experience and you can make your own dolls)

– visit Textile factory that makes Japanese Eco-Fur.
(The Okada Textile factory really looks so nice, with a beautiful show room and the staff is very professional and kind. The staff will explain to you about Japanese Eco-Fur, an artificial
material known for its heat insulating capabilities, soft texture, and beautiful and refined appearance. The have a very good sense of customers care by serving cup of coffee and keep the show room clean and bright)

Stay in: Hashimoto
Meals: Dinner and Breakfast


– 3 hours of historical Pilgrimage trail from Hashimoto to Mount Koya called Choishi Michi.
From Jison-in Temple to Nitsuhime Shrine transfer to Mount Koya (by taxi)
(This trail could be the best experience of your trip, a very beautiful walk into a forest, very refreshing. You can decide optionally to have guide or not, with guide you can listen many stories about this Pilgrimage trail and the picnic at half way by watch the panorama is amazing.

– Evening visit of the Okuno-in cemetery.
(In the night also you have possibility to visit the historical cemetery of Mt Koya, you will be guided by Japanese monk and listen all the stories about the historty of Mt Koya)

Stay in: Mt Koya
Meals: Dinner and Breakfast


– Morning pray and sightseens.
At the monastery you will see the morning ceremony and after the breakfast start the visit of Mt Koya sightseens.

– Back to Osaka.
After the lunch you can come back to Osaka by the Nankai line.

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