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Tsumago Nakasendo

Tsumago and Magome along the Nakasendo trail

Experience Nakasendo trail

On the Edo era there was a street that connected Edo (Now Tokyo) to Kyoto, and one of this route now is called Nakasendo and is the most popular in now age and lies in the Kiso Valley, between Tsumago in Nagano Prefecture and Magome in Gifu Prefecture.

We have been walk 8 kilometer of the Nakasendo and it was really nice walk between the historical post towns, with forests, restored paving and fine views of waterfalls along the way, the walk requires two to three hours. The course is really in the middle of the nature and is perfect for people love to hiking, family are welcome. Everywhere is written that bears can show up, but we have talked to local people and they told us that bears only show up rarely in the late night, not during day time.

In the middle of the course there is a small old house where you can rest and drink some hot Japanese tea, inside this house there is a old person that take care of the people during their break. He is very kind person, please visit to him.

Very close to Magome the last house before enter to the forest, there is a very nice old woman that rarely sit down outside the house, so if you pass that street please check out if there this 90 years old woman, she is very cute and she loves talk to people.

Both Tsumago and Magome have preserved and restored the traditional architecture, however I believe that Tsumago has more the old Edo atmosphere then Magome, both town now has a number of wooden craft shops, noodle restaurants, Japanese confectionery shops and many minshuku are located in the town, and if you stay at one of them will greatly give a great experience.

How to go from Tokyo to Magome?

Via Nagoya
Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya and transfer to the Wide View express train to Nakatsugawa from there is a Bus going to Magome.

Time : 3 hours and 30 minutes
Ticket Information : Covered by JR Rail Pass except the bus tickets which cost 560 yen one way.

Next destination?

  • Kanazawa – 4 hours
  • Kyoto – 3 hours
  • Matsumoto – 1 hours and 30 minutes
  • Nagoya – 1 hour

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